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Buena Vista Social Club

Buena Vista Social Club Information   Buena Vista Social Club Pictures   Buena Vista Social Club from Varadero
Destinations: Varadero
Highlights: Cuba's icons of traditional music, Cultural evening out, Great price, unique experience
» Night
» Cultural
» Nightlife
Duration:   1.5 hours
Character:  Private Excursion
  • » Wednesday and Friday at 10pm (from Friday, December 16, 2016 to Friday, December 15, 2017)
  •  Days Week:  Wednesday, Friday

Buena Vista Social Club – Request this excursion


Who hasn’t heard of the Buena Vista Social Club by now? Made world famous by the project spearheaded by Cuban musician Juan de Marcos González and US guitarist Ry Cooder, this super group was composed of veterans of a members club in Havana, called Buena Vista Social Club where musicians used to hang out and jam. Half a century after the club closed, Cooder and company convened some of those same musicians to record an album.

The Buena Vista Social Club became an international sensation, performing overseas for the first time in 1998 in Amsterdam. This was followed by a second concert in New York City’s hallowed Carnegie Hall. The German filmmaker Wim Wenders had his cameras rolling during the concerts and the documentary became a smash success; it was subsequently nominated for an Academy Award.

Leading stars including Compay Segundo, Rubén González and Ibrahim Ferrer performed until their curtain fell for the last time, in 2003 for Segundo and for González and 2005 for Ferrer, at the ripe old age of ninety-five, eighty-four, and seventy-eight respectively.

Since 2006, successors of the Buena Vista Social Club have played regularly at the Plaza Américas Salon Plenario in Varadero. Special musical guests such as Eliades Ochoa, Guajiro Mirabal, Salvador Repilado, Barbarito Torres, Hugo Garzon, and Aguaje Ramos sit in occasionally; this is a superb opportunity to hear the legendary music of this golden age.

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1. Buena Vista Social Club without transfer - CUC 29.00 p.p. (children up to 14 years free).
Start: 10:00 pm (concert check in: 9:30pm).
Included in price:
- 90-minute concert by the Buena Vista Social Club Project.
- Seats in zone B-C.

2. Buena Vista Social Club with transfer – CUC 39.00 p.p. (children up to 14 years free)
Pick up transfer: from 09:00pm
Included in price:
- Transfer in air-conditioned bus with guide.
- 90-minute concert by the Buena Vista Social Club Project.
- Seats in zone B-C

3. Buena Vista Social Club Premium with transfer in classic car - CUC 59.00 p.p. (children 6 - 14 years CUC 39.00)
Pick up transfer: from 08:30pm
Included in price:
- Transfer in classic car with one guide per 5 cars.
- 30-minute social interaction with the artists, explanation of the history of the project, and the chance to be photographed with the musicians, while enjoying a cocktail.
- 90-minute concert by the Buena Vista Social Club Project.
- Reserved seats in zone A rows 3-4-5.


- Infants 0-5 years free of charge.
- Concerts will be performed every Wednesday, during high season also on Fridays, in alternately Salon Plenario in Plaza América or in Plaza Las Morlas. Our local representative will confirm you the exact place of the spectacle.
- The PREMIUM offer guarantees 3 – 4 passengers in each classic car, according to its capacity. When weather conditions (e.g. rain) prevent transportation in a convertible, a minibus or taxi will be used instead.
- Return at hotel at approximately 0.00am.

Payment Conditions

This excursion has to be paid in Cuba in Convertible Pesos (CUC) to Cuba Travel Network’s representative. After your arrival in Varadero, you will be contacted by our representative for more information and to make payment.

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